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Get access to a new dimension of learning through our AI Powered teachers. Seamlessly interact with these Virtual Avatars to receive instant answers to your domain-specific questions, available at your convenience.

Save money

Physical assets are hard to manage, and go obsolete very quickly. With digital assets, its just a software update with zero maintenance.

Lightning speed

Fast learning with zero distractions.Save time by having access to variety of trainings inside a headset. Its as easy as plug and play.

Much safer environments

It’s hard to simulate and learn in dangerous environments with safety. With Immersive Training the possibility of getting injured is completely eliminated.

Reducing Human Error.

90% of the accidents occur due to human error. Minimise human error with Immersive Trainings to have safer workplace.

Save Environment

Reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the need to travel to different places for company trainings.

Personalised AI Assistants

Let students explore their curiosity by interacting with a personalised teacher available 24x7.

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We create experiences that help you learn new skills effortlessly.

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Lets build a personalised solution for you. Whatever you can imagine will be brought to life by our team of experts without any hassle.

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How much would it cost to setup a VR Lab?

We offer two packages to setup a VR Lab for you organization. Basic Package - There is Zero Cost involved from our end to setup a VR Lab. You just have to buy the hardware which we can assist you in procuring.

Premium Package - If you want to setup the entire XR Facility at your organization which will include PCVR, VR, AR and MR or a combination of any of the above, Premium Package is for you. We create custom lab, layout plans, hardware specs required and a complete plan to make sure the lab is up and running without any hassle.

What are the hardware required to setup a XR Lab?

Setting up Standalone VR Lab - You only need to buy a VR Headset to set up a Standalone VR Lab which ranges from $300-$4000 depending on your requirements.

Setting up a PCVR Lab - You need to buy a Computer which is compatible to run with the Headsets. This computer can cost $1000-$2000 depending on the complexity of the applications you would run on these systems. This is in addition to procuring headsets.

How much does a headset cost?

You can chose from various headsets in the market depending on your requirements. Headsets range from $300 - $4000.

How can it help my Company?

Company : If your company conducts training which include hands on training, soft skills, SOPs, emergency response etc., using Immersive Technologies will help you impart higher levels of competence on your employees.